Meta Shark

Meta shark is the meme coin of the future. “Meta shark” started joining the blockchain in June 2022. The white paper and modern website will be updated as the community grows to a critical stage. Developers always aim for sustainable value and utility in the near future. Meta shark does not argue between good or bad coins. this just wastes Meta Shark development time. Thank you

Hold and Earn !

You just hold and earn BUSD automatic reward. 6% of transactions will be redistributed to holders in BUSD.
  •  BMS Information


  • *Total Supply BMS: BMS

  • *Burn: 10%( BMS)

  • *Fair Launch On Pancakeswap: 80%(800. BMS)

  • *Developers: 3%( BMS)

  • *Deposit on decentralized exchanges or burn coins: 7%( BMS)

Safe BMS
Liquidity LOCK 100%

Slippage: BUY 13%. SELL : The sales fee will be automatic. up and down . depending on the group of BUSD dividends to be distributed to the holders!


Phase I
  • Website building, Telegram chat, twitter.
  • BMS. Smart blockchain contract.
  • Fair launch on pancakeswap.
  • Activity chart (poocoin, dextools..)
  • Perfect social tools
Stage II
  • Small and medium scale marketing.
  • Update BSCscan logo.
  • Building a multinational BMS community
  • Strong multi-channel marketing.
  • List exchange coinmarketcap
Stage III
  • Professional website updates.

  • list exchange coingecko.

  • influencer marketing (value)

  • List other decentralized exchanges (Hotbit, Mexc, gate. Huobi…)

  • Utility test

     Stage IV


  • Update soon


About B Meta Shark

B Meta Shark is an ambitious and promising meme for the future of crypto. Great rewards for holders in BUSD.

A long term project. Promising in the future a safe ecosystem.

Join the multinational community here:

B Meta Shark SaFu?

Yep. We’ve put forth a lot of effort & money to demonstrate transparency and honesty with respect to B META SHARK ownership and contract.


NOTE:  Rewards are still paid out automatically (dependent on volume), but the dApp allows you to claim when you please.

To view your rewards in your wallet, simply “add” BUSD BSC token address to your MetaMask or Trust wallet:


Token holders enter a queue to receive rewards. Every half hour, the contract will distribute rewards to as many holders as gas allows. This distribution starts at the last place it left off in the queue and will distribute to as many holders as it can until the allotted gas expenditure runs out. Once the contract can no longer afford the gas fees, it will save the spot it’s at in the queue until the next distribution. So while tokens are distributed automatically every half hour, this does not mean EVERYONE will receive rewards at once during automated distributions. Distributing rewards to all B META SHARK holders takes time. Please be patient, you will receive them!

The pace of rewards distribution is heavily dependent on volume and as we are constantly growing, your turn in line for rewards will take time to take a full lap around. But rest assured, you will receive the dividends you are allotted when it is your turn in line.

How to Use Pancakeswap with Metamask Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Contact the developer when you have any contributions or any questions: 100%